1How to buy at www.pamkor.com?
n our online portal it is easy and safe to make purchases, without filling out a registration form. You just have to provide us with the E-mail, name, surname, telephone, ID, when you take your products to the shopping cart, following the process as indicated in the PayU and PayPal payment gateway, informing us of your correct delivery address and means of payment of preference in an easy and simple way.
2Can I buy products from abroad to be delivered in Colombia or another country?
Yes, you can make the purchase from any place where you are and request delivery to your destination by filling in the personal and purchase data correctly, informing us of the address, telephone number, identity card and name of the person in charge of receiving the product.
3How can I pay for my order?
We handle the payment gateway of PayU, PayPal and direct bank transfer, so you have several options to make your purchase no matter where you are in a safe and practical way..
4What are discount coupons?
The coupons help you to have a discount on any purchase you make on our online portal, this if one of our commercial agents has contacted you and given you a coupon to redeem it in our products.
5How to use discount coupons?
In our portal when selecting the product you want to buy, the option of entering the coupon code you have will appear and so at the end of the purchase the respective discount on the transaction will be reflected.
6How to make my guarantee effective?
Remember that you can only make it effective if the product shows manufacturing inconsistencies and that the exchange or return of the product will not be accepted in the event that it does not meet the criteria of our exchange policies:
    - The product must be in optimal condition.
    - The product cannot have traces of having been used.
    - The product must not be modified or altered from its original state.
    - The product must be in good condition, with its original and clean label.
7How to clean my product and maintain its quality?
Mainly we give you some tips on how to care for and extend the life of the product.
    - Leather is a delicate material and loses color easily, that is why it should be stored in a place where it does not give direct sunlight and regularly clean the product.
    - In addition to not submerging it and avoid contact with water.
    - If it gets wet or comes in contact with water, wipe a clean dry cloth. Never expose to direct heat sources.
    - If it becomes dirty, clean with a cloth slightly moistened with a little neutral liquid soap first and then dry in the shade at room temperature.
    - Do not use cleaning products that contain strong chemicals. Nor use alcohol or ammonia because they can damage the leather.
    - In the case of our wallets, it is recommended not to overload it or fill it with sharp objects, as it is a sensitive material and can be deformed or even torn.
    - To remove the ink stains on the leather, we have to rub the stain with a cotton ball soaked with little alcohol by rubbing gently until the stain is removed.
8Why is the product I bought not the same as the one I got?
Our products are special and quality because the leather in which it was manufactured is 100% original and natural. When you buy products in original leather, you know that you are not buying something produced in series, with good work. That is why our added value in all portfolios is that they are of original material, of quality and due to the entire manufacturing and design process, you are acquiring unique pieces and with their own characteristics it differs from each other.

According to our production we always seek to offer unique collections in terms of design and model, but the raw material may have variations in its characteristics, colors, fabrics and textures of natural origin, but always manufactured with quality raw material.

That is why the portfolio you choose will be exclusive and special, which will allow you to have in your hands a unique piece due to the 100% original leather.
9What product lines does our brand offer?
Currently Pam & Kor, offers the market a unique and exclusive style, that is why in our store you will find two different product lines in terms of fashion wallets in 100% national leather and wallets with appliques in ancestral fabrics designed by people with stories Wonderful from the regions of Colombia.
10Does Pam & kor have physical stores?
Our brand does not currently have stores or physical points where purchases, claims and / or suggestions can be made; Initially we focus on online sales through our portal, but we can assist you via mail or by communicating with our agents located in different countries.
11How long will it take to get my order?
According to the delivery destination at the time of completing the purchase process, the estimated time of product arrival will be evidenced.
12How much is the shipping?
Shipping costs are included in the sales value of each portfolio and will be detailed at the time of putting the product in the shopping cart and completing the process.