Life is a constant process, a continuous transformation in time, a Birth and a REBORN

This collection is inspired by the peninsula of La Guajira in Colombia, where the representative colors in its Landscapes, the Dunes, its Sea, REBORN through our line of leather bags.

The Wayúu ethnic group that lives in the La Guajira peninsula, with the magic of their handmade products represent their landscapes, animals and situations of everyday life, a source of inspiration for the creation of our line of leather handbags with Wayúu appliques, creating a collection with unique, exclusive and elegant designs.

Leather bags

"The best quality in your hands"

This collection incorporates a line of handbags made with unique and exclusive leathers that offer a wide variety of tones, the pieces of this collection have been prepared by experts in leather, goods with the intention of keeping their essence in our products, creating a collection luxurious and sophisticated.

Leather bags with Wayúu Appliques.

"The magic of ancestral art".

The renacer collection with handmade appliques, is inspired by the ancient techniques of the Wayúu ethnic group, who represent in their products, symbols, stars and animals of their area. That's why PAM & KOR combines each of its pieces with the texture of leather, creating a luxurious and sophisticated collection.