About Us

PAM & KOR, born from the desire to offer to the market contemporary designs, combining the quality and texture of leather, with the perfection of the products with our ancestral culture.

Likewise, we design, create and elaborate exclusive products, handmade by Colombian experts in the activity of leather goods, adapting the appliqué made by the weavers, with the skin of natural cattle.

Each of our products tells a story, allowing us to offer different alternatives with style and own label, so you can always find the design that best represents you.

"Join the family PAM & KOR and experience a new way of looking the desing and fashion, making every day of the life extraordinary"
To be the Colombian pioneer company, leader in the production of leather bags with ancestral appliques, made by experts in leather goods and weavers of the regions, to provide comfort and exclusivity to our customers anywhere in the world.
Make our brand leader in the fashion market, using the technology to allow customers from any place of the world, purchase our products and satisfy their preferences, wearing a unique and individual style with our creations.
Our values support our actions:

Respect and appreciation towards our collaborators, the ancestral art of the cultures in our region, our suppliers, customers, partners and all people connected to the PAM & KOR family.

We stand for honesty and transparency with other companies, our customers and the people connected to our PAM & KOR.

We work with pleasure, motivated to achieve our objectives and provide the best to our customers.

We work with environmentally responsible tanneries in their handling and process of tanning and dyeing leather.

We are cordial, kind and attentive in the relationship with our customers and providers.

We perform our obligations and duties completely and satisfactorily.